Mechanical Structures and Engineering Techniques

We provide a variety of structural engineering services for industrial, commercial and institutional owners


The low profile and compact plant required to vibrate the plates into position makes the JP MAX sheet piling system ideal for small and large sites. Our steel sheet piling system is well suited all types of projects, big or small. Based on the construction project, we also deploy combined pile foundations, retains the advantages of each piling method. Our extensive experience in waterfront structure makes us the most trusted partner for foundation work, not only in Kerala, but all over India.


Integrity in project deployment and efficiency in execution makes the JP MAX piling works the first choice for builders and property developers all over India. Our workforce are well trained and we operate machinery fitted with the latest safety features, reduced carbon emissions and deliver a sustainable project outcome. We ensure the use of sturdy materials and best practices in piling to ensure that foundation of every construction can withstand the test of time.


We have a vast experience in building diaphragm walls with static and/or sealing function for excavation pits, foundations, and enclosures of structures. We typically execute this as concrete or steel-reinforced concrete walls, 600 mm to 1,500 mm thick with adequate resistance to exposed deformation and are water-impermeable. We ensure efficient and effective construction of diaphragm wall as we understand the nuances and intricate conditions of coastal zones in India.


We care about our environment and work in a sustainable manner. We strive to reduce any impact on groundwater resources when choosing a dewatering method during an excavation. There are a wide variety of methods used to control groundwater and selecting the right dewatering process is a critical step in every construction project. Each project has its own unique set of ground conditions and our experience and expertise in managing dewatering promotes sustainability in every project.


We undertake all kinds of earthworks including road construction, railway beds, urban development, land grading tO reconfigure the topography of a site, and to stabilize slopes. provide equipment for moving earth and allied works. We not only execute earthworks in a timely manner, we are also cost effective as we meticulously plan every project. Through innovative processes and investment in appropriate machinery, we aim to provide a sustainable footprint.


We supply high-grade materials used in construction, including steel bars that are easy to cut, weld, and are corrosion resistant. We supply these materials for various construction sites in India in required quantities at attractive prices.


We provide infrastructure support in India, including trailer services in meeting the service demands of construction projects in a timely and trustworthy manner. Since 2012, we have been successfully providing unmatched construction works, project based and turnkey solutions with infrastructure support, technical advice, and expertise to various organizations across India, notably Kerala in association with Green Builders and contractors. Our successes have spanned across projects in Indian Railways, Government Sector and Private Sector. We have come a long way from establishing ourselves as a specialist piling company are scaling new heights.

Delivering Quality Piling & Sheet Piling Services

We are one of the leading end-to-end construction company

In a number of areas of construction engineering, JPMaxGroup has pioneered the development of approaches and techniques that are now considered the industry standard.


Reinforced concrete structures built as retaining walls & underground foundations


Vertical piles inserted into the soil as foundations supporting large structural loads


Securing objects usually resistant to screws or nails on materials such as concrete


Casting retainer walls in top-down sequence, using a permanent structure as propping


Manufacturing of Ready To Mix Concrete at our own plant for construction purposes


Production of flexible tape-like elements for concrete structures to prevent water seepage

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